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I am a Google Certified Educator (Level 1), and want to share some quick tips on how Google Classroom can be implemented in your classroom.

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  • I am a Google Certified Educator (Level 1), and want to share some quick tips on how Google Classroom can be implemented in your classroom.
    Google Classroom Tips & Tricks
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  • Project-Based Learning is an authentic learning experience that cultivates the skills employers are looking for today. Looking at the student-made posters, would you have guessed that this was their first time learning about slope-intercept form (y=mx+b)?
    PBL: Learning New Content Thru Projects
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  • The American education system is broken, and ineffective policy makers are trying to fix it by adding more and more red tape. The intention is to raise the quality of education, but the result is a hurdle of hoops for both students and teachers to jump through.
    Red Tape
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  • Why should you take exam advice from me, a self-admitted underdog? Because if I can do it, you can definitely do it.
    CBEST / CSET Hurdles: Advice From An Underdog
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  • In this second part, we examine effective strategies to tackle the top 5 problematic areas in math for students.
    Effective Math Skills Part 2: Math Hacks
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  • In this article out of two parts, we take a look at the common problem areas in math identified from a numeracy research conducted in a low-income area.
    Effective Math Skills Part 1: Common Mistakes
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  • What I noticed after a year working in math classrooms is the wide disengagement in math education.
    Re-engaging Students In Math
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  • The three things I want my students to learn aside from textbook knowledge.
    What I Would Teach My Business Students
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  • For career changers who want to jump into the field of education, my experience can be an example of breaking into a system that is getting tighter and more demanding.
    For Career Changers
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  • "It is crazy that in a system that is meant to teach and help the youth, there is no voice from the youth at all". Charles Tsai envisions a different kind of classroom.
    VIDEO: If Students Designed Their Own Schools...
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  • Four key takeaways from an Autism Lunch and Learn for special education teachers.
    Classroom Approaches For Autism
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  • In today's strife to redefine education, special education is the less glamorous topic in the backdrop.
    One Perspective On Special Education
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  • The big adult things I learned from inspiring young students.
    How The Kids I Work With Inspire Me
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  • Ever find yourself asking, "What did I learn from school all these years, and how did it prepare me for real life?" KIPP Foundation is amongst the first to answer that question for their students.
    KIPP Foundation: Teaching Character In School
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  • The moment when I found the courage to take a leap in my career path.
    Taking the Leap Into Education
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